"Transformative!", Melina

Being in therapy for most of my life, I have seen many different therapists.  Some helped me gain insights while others helped me reach work and relationship goals.  However, Martina is the only therapist who helped me TRANSFORM.  I used to be anxious, self-critical and haunted by past trauma. She showed me how to be mindful, self-compassionate, and resilient.  If all therapists were as bright and empathic as Martina the world would be a much happier and healthier place.   

"A gift in my life!", Charlotte

I have worked with “therapists” many times during my seventy years but have now really been able to discover myself.  Martina has such a broad base of knowledge and experience as well as such a plethora of continuing personal, introspective work on herself and a deeply caring spirit. I have benefitted from all of those traits as well as so many, and a combination of so many, strategies---Internal Family Systems and EMDR specifically have helped me address my “issues” most effectively. She is a gift in my life and a treasure forever!

"Zzzz!", Kristen

I am a long-time insomnia sufferer. I began using the autogenic training, via Martina's beautiful audiotape, about three months ago. It worked almost immediately in helping me sleep, by-passing my usual anxiety and the feeling that "I'm just not sleepy." Now, three months later, I believe it is working even more effectively as my body anticipates the relaxation. Sometimes I barely get past "my right foot . . ." and I'm out. 


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